Selected Articles


"In the Bathtub of the Masters: Sometimes a forbidden soak is just what you need—to find peace," Tricycle, Fall 2016.

"Standing as Equals: A conversation with Rinchen Khando Choegyal, founder of the Tibetan Nuns Project," Tricycle, Winter 2013.

"Under the Pavement: Barbara Gates learns to use a jackhammer to uncover the neglected realms of the self." Tricycle, Fall 2003.

Works & Conversations

"Combat Papermakers Drew Cameron and Drew Matott: An Interview in Two Voices," June 7, 2011:

Inquiring Mind Columns — A sampling from 31 years of articles 

Washing My Mother's Hair   Spring 2015: Blowin' in the Wind

A Begging Bowl of Tears   Spring 2014: War & Peace

Making Paper with Charnel Rag    Spring 2012: Earth Now

Found In Translation on the Day of the Dead   Fall 2008: Heavenly Messengers

Meditations on Laundry   Fall 2007: Science of Mind

Selected Inquiring Mind Interviews

Changing Systems in a Hungry World: An Interview with Raj Patel   Fall 2014: Hunger

Mental Armor: An Interview with Neuroscientist Amish Jha   Spring 2014: War & Peace

Dance & Sit: A Conversation with Pir Shabda Kahn   Fall 2013: The God Issue

Medicine for the Brain, Dharma for the Mind: An Interview with Sylvia Boorstein   Fall 2012:  Demons & Dharma

Woman on the Edge of Time: An Interview with Joanna Macy    Spring 2012: Earth Now

Compassion Curriculum: An interview with Geshe Thupten Jinpa    Fall 2011:  Bodhisattva

Elephant Bones: An Interview with Lama Tsultrim Allione   Spring 2011:  Passages

We're All In This Together: A Conversation with Mother and Daughter   Fall 2009: Transformation

Women of Tibet Carrying the Culture: An Interview with Rosemary Rawcliffe   Spring 2008: Heavenly Messengers

The Bhikkhu and the Butterfly: A Conversation Between Ajahn Passano and Julia Butterfly Hill
Fall 2005: Earth Dharma

Coming to Our Senses: A Conversation with Jon Kabat-Zinn    Fall 2004: Reconciliation